Reichenau Island – a Monastery Island Included in the World Heritage Sites List

Having a holiday is very important so that you can overcome your stress in no time. For that reason, you can try to visit Monastic Island of Reichenau if you want to enjoy the cultural place of Germany through this island. This island is recommended for those who want to have a good vacation place with their friends and families. This island is placed in the middle of Gnadensee and Untersee. In this place, you can feel the atmosphere of the refreshing air and then you can see so many beautiful sceneries through the island.

The Monastic Island of Reichenau

Reichenau Island, Germany
Photo by Chris Juden

This monastic island Reichenau is recommending for anyone who wants to have a good vacation with their family. In addition, this place is also very good to be visited in the 10 AM until 5 Pm. You can invite all of your family to visit this place in their free time and you have to make sure that they will feel very happy when they are visiting this island. This place is also considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites so that visiting this place is a good idea if you want to know more about the historical story in the Germany.

The Church of St. Georgs, Reichenau Island

Kirche St. Georgs in Oberzell, Insel Reichenau, Germany
Photo by Kurt Zwahlen

The best time to visit this place is spring since the place will become very beautiful at that time and you will find many visitors other than you who visit this place also. Try to visit this place right now and feel the historical atmosphere in this popular place for vacation today.

The Church of St Peter and Paul

St Peter and Paul Church, Reichenau Island, Germany
Photo by Chris Juden

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