Quedlinburg – The Old City with Historical and Cultural Element in It

One of the cities in Germany that you can try to visit is Quedlinburg. This place is the best city that you can choose if you want to have a summer vacation with your family in order to let you know more about the history of this place or maybe just for fun. This place has its own unique history also. This town is very old since this city has occurred in the century of 9th. Since there are so many cultural elements that can be found in this city, it can be considered that this city is recommended for those who want to know the history and culture of this city.

The Town Hall of Quedlinburg

The Town Hall of Qudlinburg, Germany
Photo by Gertrud K

Of course there are some main sights that the visitors can find if they are visiting this city. One of the main sights that the visitor can find is the castle in old town of Quedlinburg. The castle has been built in there for a long time and many people visit this castle to learn more about its history background. If you want to visit this place, of course you can use several transportations such as air transportation which is hannover. If you want to use train, you can rely on with the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway.

The Halberstadt

Halberstadt, Quidlinburg, Germany
Photo by Jurgen Mangelsdorf

Another transportation that you can use is bus which can be gotten through BerlinLinien Bus. If you want to see the beautiful scenery of the castle in Germany, this city may suit you the best. You can visit it in the summer time like the one that has been explained above.

Burg Falkenstein

Burg Falkenstein, Quedlinburg, Germany
Photo by Jurgen Mangelsdorf

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