Mount Athos – The Sacred Place

It is not usual for a mountain to be changed as one of the most sacred place. The changing and transformation in that place made Mount Athos more interesting and make many people want to visit it. You can found many Holy relics and things which are wonderful and amazing. Almost 4000 monks are living and praying in this “Holy Mountain” and want to be closer to their God. Since it is a sacred place which many monasteries are located, it is still forbidden to the women and the children to visit and stay in this place.

The Monastery Mount Athos

Monastery Mount Athos, Greece
Photo by Ryan Opaz

You can reach this mountain by using the boat across the sea. Since it is the sacred mountain, there are many monasteries where the monks lived. In this Mount Athos, you can also see the relics from the Romanian era which still available until this time. Many people are very amazed with the beauty of this place. Not only the people, but UNESCO also acknowledges this area by choosing it as the World Heritage Site. This means that this Holy Mountain is very important not only for the Greece people, but also for the world.

Mount Athos

Stavronikita, Mount Athos, Greece
Photo by Andrew Kisliakov

Great Larva Monastery is one of the important places in this site. There will be many people who visiting this mountain and pray in the monastery for their luck. The beauty of the beaches around this mountain is also interesting. The clean and protected water and land make this place able to give the comfortable feeling to the people who are visiting and staying in this Holy Mountain for a while.

The Monastery of Mount Athos

Mount Athos Monastery, Greece
Photo by Athanasios Kasampalis

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