Libreville – A Place of Cultures in Gabon

Libreville is surely a place of cultures can be found in Gabon, besides the fact that it is actually the capital city of this republic. It is a fact that is so obvious because in Libreville, there are some cultural sights and also places that can be found. Cultural Center is an example. Since this city, as any other parts of Gabon is known to be influenced by French culture quite much, it is certain that the things can be found in the cultural center are can also be related to the cultures and arts of French. Even so, some other cultures like European, Asian, and American and also Oceania cultures are involved too.

Libreville City

Libreville, Gabon
Photo by Huguesn

Other place which is also related to culture that can be found in Libreville is known to be National Museum of Arts and Traditions. This museum is located in a quite strategic location. Moreover, there are some hotels located near it too. Other than the museum, some other historical tourism places are cultural villages.

Government Building in Liberville

Palais Omar Bongo Ondimba – Liberville, Gabon
Photo by Carlosoliveirareis

For the public transportation to go from the city to other cities located near it, it is certain that Libreville, as any other capital cities has some options of mean of transportation available. Even so, it seems that the most significant mean of transportation that can be used is airplane, which can be found in Libreville International Airport. For those who just come to this city for summer or spring holidays, they can also reach some other cities near Libreville from the airport, by taking other mean of transportation, including taxis.


Une fête organisée pour la Tropical Amissa Bongo 2007. Danse africaine
Photo by Huguesn

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