Heidelberg – The Beauty of the German Old City

Heidelberg is a city in the south – western Germany. It is the fifth largest city in the country and a part of metropolitan city in Germany. Heidelberg has so many places to explore. You can easily find some natural beauty near the city. It has also some original flora and fauna from the state. The early Heidelberg was only a small village that grows into an industrial centre for Germany. Heidelberg was also be a part of Nazism and having such a sad time when the Second World War attacking. You can easily find the ruin of the Second World War and of course the Nazism memorial from the museum inside the city.

The Heidelberg Gate

Heidelberg, Germany
Photo by Federico Coppola

The best time to visit Heidelberg is between April and October. You can have yourself enjoy the city by the summer and without worrying about the winter cold. However, if you want to have some different experience with the winter in Germany, December through February is the best time to travel. Heidelberg has so many places to visit. Some of them were hiding in the middle of Heidelberg old city. You can find the Heidelberg Castle with the old bridge in the foreground. You can also explore the Heidelberg’s old city by yourself and letting you fall in love in to the beauty of an old German city. The main transportation of Heidelberg is a bit difficult because you will have to reach the modern side of the city then you can find some connection many other cities in Germany.

The Church of the Holy Spirit

Church of the Holy Spirit, Heidelberg, Germany
Photo by Tran’s World Productions

The Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg, Germany
Photo by Mark Taggart

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