Haridwar, Gateway to Lord Vishnu

When you read about the culture of India, you may notice that there are many religious cities in such country. Actually, Haridwar may become your interest because it is one of the seven holy cities of Hindus. Well, of course that such city can also become a nice tourism destination place. Yet, you need to learn first about its history. The first Empire that ruled such region is indeed the Maurya in 322-185 BCE. From the etymology, such city stands for gateway to lord Vishnu. The best time to conduct vacation to Haridwar is indeed in October where the weather is nice to conduct whether sightseeing, pilgrimage trips, or others.

The Jain Temple Haridwar

JAIN TEMPLE – Haridwar, India
Photo by rajkumar1220

What becomes the main attraction of Haridwar is indeed its tight religious aspect. In such city, there are actually five pilgrimages which are famous such as Harki Pauri, Ghat in Kankhal, Mansa Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, and also Neel Parvat. The main reason why I say about tight religious aspect there is because both the alcohol and non vegetarian food are prohibited. Besides temples, you can notice that such city also famous of industrial activity such as in Sidcul and Jwalapur. In the case to gain recreation, people can visit Cheela dam actually.

The Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Temple
Photo by Dena van der Wal

Whether in to other districts and town, Haridwar may provide good transportation access as well. If you consider taking road transportation, National Highway 58 may become good access indeed. Jolly Grant Airport and also Haridwar Railway Station may also support the convenience of transportation access there. It is because such city has become the pride of Hindus there, you can find out many religious festivals such as Kumbh Mela, Ardh Mela, Kanwar Mela, and many others.


Gangga River, Haridwar, India
Photo by Kumara Sastry

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