Harar Jugol – the Fourth Islam Holy City

Africa is one of the interesting destinations for people who plan for a trip on their holiday. It has a lot of countries to go which offer the different attractions. The various attractions can be obtained there, such like the beautiful natures and the unique culture there. One of the countries which are worth to be visited is Ethiopia. It has a lot of great places to go, such as Harar Jugol. It takes place in Ethiopia which has no independent day because it is not colonized. With its great culture, it is listed on the world heritage by UNESCO. It is because of this city has a cultural heritage.

The Arthur Rimbaud House

The Arthur Rimbaud House, Harar Jugol, Ethiopia
Photo by Tristam Sparks

Based on its cultural heritage, there are several places which are great to be visited, such like the various old mosques which are around 100 in the old town. It has the unique and beautiful architecture. That is why it is listed on the fourth list of Islam holy city. Besides of that the house of Rimbaud is also the place which is must be visited. The best time to visit the city is on summer where there is a bright time so that our trips would not be disturbed.

Mosque in Harar Jugol

Harar Mosque, Harar Jugol, Ethiopia
Photo by Beth

We can enjoy the culture there and enjoy the unique history of the city. To go to Harar Jugol, we can easily get a flight to the airport of Dire Dawa. Then, from the airport or the city of Dire Dawa we can go to Harar Jugol by bus. If we are from Adis Ababa, we also can use the bus service to Harar Jugol.

A Tomb in Harar

A Tomb in Harar, Ethiopia
Photo by Beth

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