Corfu – Wonderful Island in the Ionian Sea

Going to the beautiful island will be very interesting if you know the history of it. Corfu is the second big island which located in Ionian Sea. This island is very wonderful with the beaches, and the amazing beauty of the views in this island. There are many tourists from Greece and the other country who want to feel the different experiences in this island. In this island, there are also many ancient places which had important history to this island and also to the Greece.

The Corfu Castle

Corfu Castle, Greece
Photo by Keith Laverack

The old town of Corfu becomes the interesting spot which present the great history in this island. The Corfu City Hall which builds with the old architecture is very unique. Almost all of the buildings that located in this city are made with the Italianate architecture. If you want to enjoy the wonderful view in this island, the Garden of the People at the Palaia Anaktora will present the best view from Ionian Sea. Palaia Anaktora is already open for the people who want to visit and see the old building with the unique architecture from the past.

Palaia Anaktora Corfu

The Palace of Sts. Michael and George (Palaia Anaktora), Corfu, Greece
Photo by Bas Boerman

Going to the various historical museums can be a good way to make you understand about this island’s past. This island had many festivals and entertaining events which held regularly. In every events and festivals, there will be many tourists from local and also the tourists from outside the island and outside the Greece. The musical festivals become the example of important culture which makes Corfu more interesting to the tourists.

The Achílleion

Achílleion – Kerkyras (Corfu) – Griechenland
Photo by wiseguy71

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